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We can provide a range of heating solutions, from, fault finding on existing systems, replacement radiators, moving radiators, boiler replacements, to full central heating installations we are able to cater for all requirements. Please contact us to discuss your heating requirements.

Using our experience we aim for a quick diagnosis on heating problems, not only does this means that we can get you up and running as quick as possible, it is also cost effective.

Completely modernising a system into a fully pumped system, replacing old inefficient boilers, to fitting thermostatic radiator valves or using, new smart heating controls, every system is different and with our experience we can advise you how to get the best from your existing system.

We offer system cleansing, using the ‘Magna cleanse” system as a stand alone process if the central heating is showing signs of suffering from being sludged up and partially blocked.

We also use the Cleansing system when a replacement boiler is fitted. This protects the new boiler from old debris and also helps with the boiler efficiency.

Once the system has been cleaned using the “magna cleanse” we then fit a magnaclean filter that stays part of the system, and helps to keep the system clean. www.adey.com/homeowners

New systems, being experienced heating engineers we can offer a wide range of systems for your project, from a cottage that requires smart, exposed, copper pipework and feature radiators, to a large multi zone heating system, we can accommodate your needs.

Renewable Energy

 Air Source Heat Pumps are an efficient way to supply all your heating and hot water requirements by means of a renewable energy source, extracting heat from the outside air which can be distributed via radiators, or for even greater efficiency, via Underfloor Heating.

 As Air Source Heat Pumps simply moves energy, compared to an oil burner for example which has to create energy by burning fossil fuels, heat pumps are extremely efficient. For every 3kW of heat moved into the house by the heat pump, only 1kW of electricity is consumed. This gives a perceived efficiency of performance by air source heat pumps of 300%, sometimes stated as a Co-Efficient of Performance (COP) of 3:1*.

 There are a number of advantages for choosing an air source heat pump to deliver all your heating and domestic hot water, here are just a few of them:

  • Combating unstable oil prices –while oil prices may be low at this current moment in time, they will almost certainly rise again and this could happen at any time. Although heat pumps use electricity to run, these prices are generally a lot more stable so the risks of a sharp and sudden price hike when using a heat pump are greatly reduced., 
  • Increased efficiency – boilers have a maximum efficiency of around 75-80%, compared to that of an air source heat pump which can be around 300%, a major difference. 
  • Helping combat climate change – we all know the effects that climate change is having around us; by installing a heat pump you can do your bit for the environment by investing in a renewable energy source, such as an air source heat pump.
  • Grant payments – you may not be aware but you can actually get paid for the renewable heat that your heat pump produces. This grant is formally known as the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) and the tax-free, index linked payments distributed over the last few years, have been steadily rising. 
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 *It's worth remembering that to get the most efficiency from your heat pump, it pays to make your home as well insulated as possible. Less well insulated homes may not achieve the highest COP levels. COP levels will also depend on the emitter system (radiators, etc.) installed.

 Why have we partnered with Ice Energy?

 Ice Energy are the UK’s leading heat pump suppliers with 16 years’ experience in the design and specification of heat pump systems. Their product range and ongoing technical support gives us the confidence that when choosing one of their award-winning heat pump systems, our customers have a premium product to deliver al their heating and hot water needs, but with the added peace of mind of complete technical support in the unlikely event of an issue.

 Below are just a few of the advantages you will receive choosing us to supply your Air Source Heat Pump:

  • Access to exclusive and premium products 
  • Product and performance guarantees
  • MCS Certification
  • Dedicated technical support team working all year round
  • Assistance with RHI application
  • Extensive range of technologies 
  • Logistically easier to coordinate

Underfloor Heating

There are a huge number of benefits to using an underfloor heating system, here are just a few of them:

Comfort – A correctly designed and installed system runs efficiently and supports the body’s natural requirements for warm feet and cool head. The heat is uniformly rising from the floor, rather than having warm pockets around radiators

Aesthetics – Underfloor heating creates complete freedom of interior design with no radiators to worry about, you can use every square inch of space can be used for room layouts

Silence – Underfloor Heating is virtually silent when running

Cost effective – Lower water temperature means lower energy, means lower heating bills

Individual room control – Rooms are heated on an individual basis – for example the bedroom can be at a different temperature from the living room

Healthy living – Slower moving air particulates makes underfloor heating the system of choice for asthmatics. Floors dry quicker after cleaning, reducing slip hazard. Underfloor heating also eliminates the risk of contact burns and collision damage from radiators

Environment – lower fuel usage means lower CO2 emissions, better for the environment

How Underfloor Heating Works

Underfloor heating works through warm water pumped through pipes laid in the floor of the room. Much lower water temperatures are required as the large surface area of the floor is enough to warm the room efficiently as the heat rises. An underfloor heating system will generally run at around 45 degrees as opposed to 80 degrees used in radiator systems, which means that there are energy and running cost savings, especially when used with renewable heat sources such as heat pumps.

Underfloor heating can work with a large range of hot water supplies – usually with condensing boilers, but is often used in conjunction with renewable energies such as solar and geothermal systems. For building extensions it can be connected into your existing central heating system with one of our Single Area Packs.



Intelligent heating controls – the smarter way to heat your home is here!

A new breed of thermostat and heating control is available for the home – one that will allow for the busy modern life; varying temperatures between the outside and inside; variability between rooms and some will even learn about your habits too! 

Smart controls, can be controlled remotely via your tablet, smart-phone or computer. Smart controls can learn your habits so that your heating system works effectively and efficiently, and only when you need it. 

There are a few different intelligent heating systems available, two of the most popular are Nest (recently bought by google) and honeywell.